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ErgoPad® run & walk

Support for the feet during running, walking and hiking

ErgoPad® run & walk

Support for the feet during running, walking and hiking
Bauerfeind’s ErgoPad® run & walk foot insole provides support and lessens shock-load on the forefoot, hind-foot and arches.

Greater comfort over long distances

ErgoPad run & walk foot supports ensure a comfortable and stabilized step while running, hiking and walking. Repeated ground impact and pushing off place strain on the forefoot and hind-foot area, particularly over longer distances. Chronic heel and ankle pain and problems affecting the Achilles tendon and shin bone are common consequences.

Cushioned, flexible and stable…all in one

ErgoPad run & walk counteracts that excessive strain through targeted cushioning of the area around the ball of the foot and the heel, while also supporting your arches. Two types of soft yet solid material combined with an ergonomically x-shaped core make the insert stable and flexible at the same time. There is less strain on the foot muscles and they tire less easily. Don’t cut your walk, run or hike short. ErgoPad run & walk keeps you comfortable and provides long-distance support and pain relief.


  1. Cushioning - Softens impact as the heel hits the ground and the toes push off.
  2. Heel cup - Gently cradles the heel and provides excellent guidance for the foot.
  3. Sensorimotor spots - Stimulate the foot muscles and improve motor function.
  4. Antibacterial top cover - Kills bacteria and prevents odor.
  5. Weightflex-X core® - Makes the core stable and very flexible at the same time, and supports the natural movement of the feet.

Treatment of

  • Arch pain
  • Foot pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Flat/Splayfoot
  • High arches
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