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Targeted support for pain relief and stabilization of the knee
  • 5
  4 reviews
  • GenuTrain®
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Targeted support for pain relief and stabilization of the knee
  • 5
  4 reviews
If your knee is weak, swollen, painful or recovering from an injury, Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain® knee braces and supports provide relief and stability for the knee joint. It relieves pain and protects the joint without limiting your mobility.

Protect your knees

Knees are among the most common area of the body to suffer pain and injury. If your knee feels weak, swollen or painful, the GenuTrain knee support can help you.

Active knee support

Whether you are a serious athlete, an active person who doesn’t want pain or injury to interfere with the things you love to do or a worker recovering from an injury, GenuTrain knee braces are for you. They help you regain mobility, ease pain, stimulate healing, and ensure that any swelling subsides quickly.

Be comfortable…and active

Our soft knit fabric makes the support stretchy and comfortable. Because it’s breathable, it keeps sweat away from your skin, unlike Neoprene and other inferior materials. Our braces are machine washable in the gentle cycle which helps maintain its elasticity and original fit. Don’t bend and cave to knee pain; overcome it, with a GenuTrain knee brace and support by Bauerfeind.


  1. Spiral stays - Located on the sides of the brace, the stays ensure the support fits snugly and retains its shape.
  2. Cushioning - Extra-soft in the hollow of the knee for maximum comfort and flexibility.
  3. Knit fabric - Breathable knit is comfortable to wear and keeps moisture away from the body. The brace is machine washable in the gentle cycle, which helps maintain its elasticity and original fit.
  4. Viscoelastic Omega pad - Surrounds and cushions the kneecap to relieve pain in the knee and connective tissue.
  5. Meniscus wings - Relieve pain
  6. Soft “Hoffa” pads below kneecap - Exerts light support to relieve pressure on common pain spots.

Treatment of

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Tendinitis
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Jumpers knee
  • Runners knee
  • Feelings of instability
  • Lateral meniscus tear
  • Osgood-Schlatters
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  • overall
  • 5
  • created by   Anonymous | Jan 8, 2016
8 years ago I hurt my knee from mountain walking and was in agony, hardly able to move around. An orthopaedic pharmacy in Vienna recommended this - and it changed my life. I used it much of the time for 2 years, and then occasionally since , and it lasted until last summer. Expensive but brilliant. Worth every penny.
  • created by   Anonymous | Jan 3, 2016
post total knee replacement problem corrected
My right knee behaved badly after a total knee replacement. I tried every support and brace that looked like it might stabilize my knee. (I fell too soon after the second surgery; tore muscle and tendon). My knee moved to the inside making it impossible to do leg press, squats, and similar. This is the first brace/support that I have found that provides comfortable, effective support. I now wear it for every work out. I can finally strengthen leg muscles because my right knee is stable and comfortable. The fabric is incredibly comfortable. I have confidence in the reliability of this support making my workouts much more productive. With my knee firmly in place I am working on balance like I could not before this support. The spiral stays improve lateral stability and prevent roll down. Much better than any other support. I'm sticking with this.
  • created by   Travis | Dec 22, 2015
Sport Related Knee Injury
Due to years of playing high impact sports, my knees have taken their fair share of stress over time. I began to experience tendinitis, and it began to effect my daily fitness routine. After a brief period in physical therapy to rehab my knee issues, my physical therapist suggested I start wearing a knee brace to aid with the discomfort and stability concerns I had while working out. I tried many braces, but most just felt bulky or constricting. I gave up on braces until I tried on the Genutrain knee brace. It felt great and provided the support I was looking for while playing basketball, or running without constricting my movement. I even noticed the lack of knee pain I would normally experience after a good run or workout. I highly suggest anyone with knee issues to try it, and see if it works for them. I even got a second brace to wear for my uninjured knee for preventive measures. Great product that I highly recommend!