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Return from an Injury the Smart Way
Return from an Injury
With an injury now behind you, it’s important to take a smart route back into your fitness routine. Follow these important steps…. Read More
What helps to prevent back pain?
What helps to prevent back pain?
Pain in the lower back, lumbago, sciatica or even a slipped disk – one in every three Americans complains of back pain at least once a year....
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German Engineering
@Bauerfeind - Jan 8
Thank you to the Life Time Athletic - Atlanta and Lifetime Run for a great night! Guests had the chance to... http://fb.me/6Jj9o6B3Y
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The Ups and Downs of Jumper’s Knee
The Ups and Downs of Jumper’s Knee
Jumper’s knee (also called patellar tendinitis) will first make itself known as a small pain below the kneecap....
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