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Careers at Bauerfeind


Welcome to the careers section of Bauerfeind's homepage! We appreciate your interest and warmly invite you to learn about career opportunities at Bauerfeind. Bauerfeind is a dynamic, lively company. We see it as our job to enable people to live active and pain-free lives and experience mobility. After all, motion is life.

Currently around 2.000 employees around the world are working with commitment and passion on the long-term success of our company. We would be pleased if you too want to be part of our team. Whether as a permanent employee, a trainee, or a student looking for a placement or dissertation – Bauerfeind offers you the ideal environment to realize your ideas.

That's why we're looking forward to your application.

Personnel policy At Bauerfeind, sophisticated products are produced by people for people. The high quality of the products requires employees with above-average qualifications. In a dynamic market like ours, the demands upon the company and its staff change frequently. Motivation and willingness to learn are therefore the foundations for achieving our goals and we secure these by continual education and training. A thorough induction of new staff, regular feedback and performance-based assessment are further building blocks of our success.

Internships at Bauerfeind USA Bauerfeind USA regularly offers valuable internships in many departments. If you would like to apply please email your resume to jobs@bauerfeindusa.com.

Bauerfeind USA is happy to customize your internship hours and needs around school scheduling.

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