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Performance and Training Compression Socks

Reduces muscle vibration, lessens inflammation and improves circulation.

Two types of Bauerfeind® Compression Socks are specially designed to meet your needs. Compression Socks Performance® is a sport stocking specially designed for endurance sports, while Compression Socks for Training® increase the results of your training.

The stockings’ taping zone creates stability in the ankle, while its muscle-toning zone specifically stimulates the calf muscles during movement. These premium socks help reduce muscle fatigue, reduce muscle vibration and help enable you to improve your fitness and sports performance.

The need for compression socks is not limited to athletes. If you have varicose veins, travel frequently and experience swelling, pain and tired feet and legs, or are pregnant and need relief from swelling and discomfort, compression stockings can help soothe what ails you.


Bauerfeind makes the most comfortable, most effective soft braces I have ever used and I am a customer for life.”