The new Compression Sock Performance sports stocking is available in white, black and Rivera.

Compression Sock Performance

Sports stocking for endurance sports

From July, Bauerfeind will be offering a sport stocking specially designed for endurance sports: the Compression Sock Performance. The noticeable compression it exerts over a large surface area improves circulation and reduces tiring muscle vibrations. This revitalizes legs more quickly and helps them to keep fit for longer.


2014 German Packaging Award

Nov 24, 2014

Award-winning packaging

Bauerfeind’s packaging line for sports stockings and foot orthoses can now officially claim award-winning status, having been honored with a 2014 German Packaging Award last week. Under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the German Packaging Institute (Deutsche Verpackungsinstitut, dvi) awards this prize in recognition of exceptionally innovative solutions.



Oct 28, 2014


Redesigned upper arm loop

The OmoLoc uses three arm loops to hold the arm in the 0 degree abduction position, immobilizing the shoulder joint after surgery or luxation, while allowing the arm to rest at a right angle. To make this position more comfortable, we repositioned the plastic buckle diverting the tensioning strap on the upper arm loop and added a soft velour padding.


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