VenoTrain® act - with LYCRA® fiber

Elegance for your legs – redefined

The VenoTrain® act support stocking offers gentle compression to give your legs a treat. The stocking also prevents circulatory disorders and thus promotes healthy legs. The breathable and transparent knit is pleasant to wear and you will be impressed by its elegant fine hosiery look.

  • pleasant, breathable knit fabric
  • fine, transparent quality
  • invigorating effect


Invigorating elegance

The gentle compression of VenoTrain act support stockings has a pleasantly invigorating effect and offers healthy legs effective protection against circulatory disorders. Its breathable knit in transparent quality represents high wearing comfort paired with stylish elegance – whether in the office or at a party. The selection of the right size is based upon clothing or shoe sizes. VenoTrain act support stockings are available in two yarn thicknesses, 70 den and 140 den. The VenoTrain act® cotton men's knee stocking with a high cotton content of over 50 percent is available in 280 den as well as 70 and 140 den.

Our product range is based on national equipment guidelines, quality standards and treatment recommendations. Please ask your local dealer if a particular product is available in your country and which designs are available for you to choose from.