Special feet need special help. People's feet often change during the course of their lives. They become more sensitive and, over time deformities may develop as a result of a medical condition or misalignments. This is where special shoes can make a difference. Bauerfeind Shoes are made from carefully selected materials and offer high-quality workmanship, comfort and function. Bauerfeind has a wide range of products ranging from comfort shoes to surgical shoes.

ErgoMove shoes

A step towards good health.

ErgoMoveErgoMove shoes are part of a complete concept that is supplemented by individual orthopedic orthoses and special stockings. This perfectly co-ordinated concept optimally fulfills the demands of sensitive feet. ErgoMove shoes combine uncompromising functional properties and timeless design – both men and women will be proud to be seen in ErgoMove shoes!
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GloboConcept® shoes

Absolute comfort, anywhere, everywhere.

GloboConceptGloboConcept® shoes are not just a single product but a whole range of comfort shoes. Each model has its own specific functional characteristics. The focus is on sensitive feet. You will notice how the strain is relieved - whether the approach is a prophylactic one or a therapeutic one.
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GloboPed® shoes

Always one step ahead.

GloboPedGloboPed® shoes are not just a single product but an extensive range of relief shoes and surgical shoes. Each model has its own specific functional characteristics, with the focus on conservative and post-operative treatments.
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