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GloboConcept® shoes are not just a single product but a whole range of comfort shoes. Each model has its own specific functional characteristics. The focus is on sensitive feet. You will notice how the strain is relieved - whether the approach is a prophylactic one or a therapeutic one.

  • Range of comfort shoes - for both prophylactic and therapeutic use (where the foot is misshapen)
  • For wide/swollen and pressure-sensitive feet
  • Easily adjusted for additional orthopedic shoe inserts

Simply comfortable

Whether they have laces or a practical Velcro fastening, GloboConcept® shoes all have numerous functional properties making them ideally suited to meet the needs of your feet. For example, there is plenty of room inside the shoe, even for wide or swollen feet. The linings are seam-free to reduce the risk of pressure points. The existing fitted orthosis can be easily removed, making space for an additional orthopedic soft foam foot orthosis.

Designs and uses

The GloboConcept® range of shoes is perfectly designed to meet the needs of people with foot problems. These comfort shoes can be used for both prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. The numerous models in the ladies' and men's ranges are ideal in cases where the foot is misshapen: for example, where there is slight or moderate swelling caused by rheumatism or similar. The comfort shoes can also be used as a precautionary measure by people with diabetic foot syndrome (risk classes 0 and 2).

Available from your medical retailer

To ensure that all your needs are taken care of, look for GloboConcept® shoes at your nearest medical retailer – orthopedic shoe technician. The orthotist will take all the necessary measurements of the foot and diagnose the status of the foot using digital measurement technology/imprint foam/ink imprint/physical examination. Then he or she will help you find the right model for you.


  • Comfort shoe in high quality materials
  • Generously sized, seam-free linings and removable fitted orthosis

General construction of the shoe: 

General construction of the shoe

1) Uppers made of premium-quality, supple calf leather:
the shoe molds itself to the shape of your foot for a really comfortable fit.

2) No edges round the toe cap:
it protects the toes from impact with no detrimental effect on the toes.

3) Hand-stitched seam between the shaft and the sole:
this makes the sole of the shoe very flexible.

4)Fully cushioned tongue:
reduces the pressure of the laces on the bridge of the foot.

5) Microfiber inners:
the soft, breathable microfiber material with a layer of foam cushions the whole area of the bridge and sides of the foot.

6) Padded edges to the shaft:
they fit snugly round the sensitive ankle area.

7) Molded heel counter:
to stabilize the hindfoot.

8) PU sole:
the shoe has a really soft sole for a cushioned and safe feel when walking.

9) Comfortable and healthy toe area:
this prevents pressure peaks and allows the forefoot great freedom of movement.


  • Suitable for everyday and leisure use by people with foot problems (e.g. rheumatism) 

Serviceable life

  • High-quality and durable materials mean that the shoes remain serviceable even after prolonged use – but this does fundamentally depend on the usage.
  • We recommend that their functional properties are checked regularly (at least every 6 months).

Modification instruction - Specially for medical retailers

  • Shoes must be at least 1 cm longer than the foot (measure while standing!)
  • If you are supplying customized foot orthoses, remove the existing fitted orthoses
  • Orthopedic shoe fittings (e.g. rolls for the balls of the feet) can be fitted in the sole 


  • Where people have been provided with thick padded foot orthoses (more than 6 mm)
  • Deformities of the foot with tendency to slight or moderate swelling
  • Rheumatoid foot deformities
  • Prophylactic use in the case of diabetic foot syndrome (risk class 0-2)

Tips for healthy feet

You can find information here about how to keep your feet in top condition!

Cleaning instructions

  • Clean the uppers regularly and treat them with normal leather-care products and waterproofing sprays to keep your shoes supple.
  • Air out after use (remove foot orthoses) and dry if necessary (away from direct heat!)
  • Use soft shoe trees