A perfect fit for a daily routine free of discomfort.

"The new GenuTrain® is easy to put on, getting my day off to a perfect start."

Donning aid

The built-in donning aid makes it easy to put on with little effort using just two fingers.

Spiral stays

Flexible spiral stays make sure the support does not lose its shape.

Easy on the hollow of the knee

The active knit at the hollow of the knee, which has undergone further technical development, is very fine, making it gentle on the sensitive skin there.


The compression applied by the support eases off at the elasticated edges. This makes it comfortable to wear.


The high elasticity molds itself to the shape of your leg, so ensuring a secure fit.


The breathable Train active knit is gentle on your skin and regulates moisture levels, creating a pleasant climate around the leg.

Customized fit

Development of the Train active knit is based on years of experience. We have measured a countless number of legs. Analysis of this data guarantees that your support will be a perfect fit.

Omega pad

Stability and massage.

The Omega pad and Train active knit for less pain and more activity.

Omega pad

The unique Ω pad, a pressure cushion that is highly elastic, reduces pain thanks to its massage effect.

Intermittent compression

Pain relief for the meniscus thanks to two lateral wings that produce intermittent compression massage.

Metered pressure

Two newly developed pressure points relieve strain on the kneecap, reducing pain levels.