Pack these 4 Bauerfeind items for an injury-free ski season:



1- WeightFlex® Core, 2- Toe Bank, 3- Heel Cup, 4- Thermoregulating top cover

Bauerfeind Sports Insoles: Ski/Skate $69.99

If you find yourself with sore, tired feet and legs at the end of a long day of mountain runs, these are for you!

For better comfort, more control and less fatigue, try our Sports Insoles for Ski and Skate. The WeightFlex® technology orthotic core supports the foot arches while giving you the flexibility you need to move freely. A large toe bank stretches the small toes for better contact between the feet and shoes while a deep heel cup supports the back of the foot during side-to-side movements, making banking through the snow easier and more comfortable. Lined with a thermo-regulating cover, these insoles insulate your foot to ensure warm, dry feet all day long!


knee support

1- Stays in place, 2- Maximum freedom of movement, 3- Light and breathable, 4- Faster muscle control 5- Optimized knee movement, 6- Durable and washable


Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support $84.99

Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding can put a lot of pressure on your joints, especially your knees.

The Bauerfiend Sports Knee Support combines 360 degrees of medical-grade compression with the comfort of a knitted brace to provide better circulation, stability and control. The Sports Knee Support’s sleek design is low in profile and features gripping zones to keep it in place, so you can wear it underneath your winter layers without worry.

After a day on the slopes, this support is machine washable.





thigh sleeve

1- Secure fit silicone band reduces migration, 2- Powerful compression reduces risk of pulls and tears, 3- Breathable, moisture-wicking material for comfort, 4- Graduated compression increases circulation, 5- Comes in pairs

Bauerfeind Sports Upper Leg Compression Sleeves $49.99

The thighs work overtime when we’re bending our legs all day long, and at the end of the day we can feel so sore! These Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves come in pairs and can be worn throughout your day on the slopes to reduce inflammation and fatigue.

Powerful compression (20-30mmHg) for the upper leg gives the thigh muscles the increased circulation needed to repair tiny tears caused by exercise and overuse. This increased circulation warms the muscle belly to reduce the risk of injury while the moisture-wicking microfiber material keeping the skin comfortably cool.

All of Bauerfeind’s Sports Compression Sleeves are machine washable and sold in pairs!



ManuTrain_SkiBauerfeind ManuTrain Wrist Support $121

It’s not just our legs and feet that get a workout while skiing, for some people the arms and wrists can take a beating. If you experience pain or instability while doing winter sports, consider the Bauerfeind ManuTrain wrist support.

For greater stability and reduced joint pain in your wrist, go for Bauerfeind’s ManuTrain wrist support. This support offers 360 degrees of medical-grade compression, increasing circulation, reducing swelling and promoting faster healing to the wrist. Its breathable and moisture-wicking material reduces sweat, and the brace can be machine washed.

ManuTrain comes with a removable rigid stay, adding additional support when needed.