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Never give up

Stability, support and pain relief for gymnastics and dance

Injuries, pain and inflammation are the enemy of gymnasts and dancers at all levels. Superior performance requires the body to hold and sustain vulnerable positions with ease again and again, and this is next to impossible with nagging pain in the mix.

If you suffer pain or an injury, Bauerfeind® braces and supports are soft and comfortable, as well as lightweight and flexible, so they provide stability without inhibiting mobility. They deliver the right amount of support where you need it and help ease pain or injuries that occur from the rigorous physical demands that these sports place on the body.

Don’t let pain or injury destroy the hours and hours of training you’ve put in. Keep your mobility and form, and perform at your best. Here are the top braces and supports that our sports medicine doctors and physical therapists recommend for gymnastics:


Bauerfeind makes the most comfortable, most effective soft braces I have ever used and I am a customer for life.”