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Bauerfeind braces and supports use a unique, three-dimensional knitted fabric and shock-absorbing viscoelastic inserts that work closely together to increase proprioception.

“Proprioception is the feedback our body gives our brains to where we are in space,” says Todd Campbell, National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association assistant athletic trainer. “It just provides a sensory input up to our brain and gives us that feedback up to our brain.”

This sense is crucial for top athletes, as they need to get back in the game as fast as possible after injury. Recovering quickly and performing their best requires a high level of confidence in your movements, which is where Bauerfeind can help.

“When I put a Bauerfeind brace on an injured body part, it aids in that proprioception,” says Steve Stricker, head athletic trainer for the Charlotte Hornets.

Medical grade compression provided by the Bauerfeind Train knit aids with the reduction of swelling, which helps joint kinematics and muscle recruitment, Stricker says.

“Which all helps with helping a joint heal [and] making a joint more stable through proprioception,” he adds.

This information is provided for general information purposes and should not be relied on as a substitute for medical advice, evaluation or care from a qualified and licensed health care provider. The information contained here is not to be considered a plan of care of physical therapy.