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Bauerfeind & Soccer Pro Cristian Roldan

Sports Knee Support keeps you in the game

Soccer is the most popular sport across the world, whether it's a game between friends in the local park, in a recreational league or elite athletes competing in international teams. Soccer combines fitness, agility, athleticism and endurance with technical and tactical skills. Even strong athletes in perfect condition are not beyond experiencing strains or joint pain from time to time, especially during weeks with back-to-back matches.

With its Sports Line, Bauerfeind offers brace and sleeves for training, competition and recovery to keep you in the game. See how pro soccer player Cristian Roldan dribbles, juggles and scores with Sports Knee Support

Roldan Soccer Kick

Cristian Roldan

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 165lbs
Position: Attacking Midfielder

After playing soccer many years in high school and college, Cristian Roldan was drafted in the first round (16th overall) to play soccer professionally. After an incredible season in 2017 he won MVP honors as one of the top players in his team. In the same year, he started with the senior U.S. Men’s National Team. Winning the Gold Cup title with the UMNT in 2021. He is nominated to play this year’s All-Star Game on August 25th in Los Angeles. Halfway through the soccer season his team is leading the Western Conference challenging other teams for the cup again.

As attacking midfielder, Cristian Roldan played all games in the 2021 season, locking in a stellar performance tactically and technically. For better support and faster recovery he tried the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support and Sports Ankle Support and loves it.

Get the ball rolling with soccer supports and sleeves from Bauerfeind.

Sports Knee Support

Soccer requires quick, agile movements: Sports Knee Support surrounds the joint with 360 degrees of targeted compression to stimulate circulation and improve muscle control without limiting mobility for the best performance on the field.

Sports Ankle Support

The Sports Ankle Support helps to hold the ankle securely in place during matches and to protect against sprains. Its innovative taping strap provides individually adjustable stabilization and lasts longer than conventional sport taping. With a lightweight, low-profile design, Sports Ankle Support fits comfortably in your cleats. The breathable knit compression provides unparalleled comfort, support and durability while protecting your ankle and maintaining peak performance in every game.

Sports Compression Sleeves Upper Leg

Bauerfeind’s Sports Compression Sleeves for Upper Legs strengthen the muscles in the thigh to help prevent and relieve hamstring pulls and strains. Powerful sports compression promotes better circulation, giving the muscles more oxygen and pumping out inflammation with every stride. The result: better endurance, less fatigue and faster recovery times.