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Don’t shoulder the pain…release it

Shoulder braces and supports for injuries and pain let you move freely.

Control pain, soothe muscles and stabilize injuries with a Bauerfeind® shoulder braces and supports. Our shoulder support adapts to your body shape, so you get effective stabilization to release shoulder pressure and relieve pain. A unique design guides and centers the arm in the socket, so your shoulder is more stable but you still have full mobility.

Nothing feels better than a shoulder massage when you have discomfort, and our specially made viscoelastic pad provides a massage effect on your soft tissues. To make the brace easy to put on and take off, it is secured to the body with a soft strap, and you can wear it on the left or right side.

Rubbing your shoulders when they’re sore isn’t enough. Get to the cause of the pain, with an OmoTrain shoulder brace by Bauerfeind.