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Sports Elbow Brace

Protect Your Elbow From Hyperextension

For more than a decade, Dr. James Andrews has strongly cautioned the baseball community against what he calls a “Tommy John surgery epidemic,” and how overuse and fatigue can lead to ulnar collateral ligament injuries in young athletes.

As the world’s leading orthopedic surgeon and founder of the Andrews Institute for Orthopedic Medicine, Andrews has taken a strong stance against extended throwing times and year-round seasons for all youth baseball players.

His unwavering determination to help prevent these life-altering injuries left him searching for a solution not just for prevention of UCL strains and sprains, but as an alternative treatment for Tommy John surgery and to help athletes who have undergone the surgery with their recovery.

Working closely with Bauerfeind USA, Andrews helped develop the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Brace (formerly known as EpiTrain PowerGuard), the world’s first elbow support that helps prevent hyperextension for throwing athletes.

“The Sports Elbow Brace was developed with my supervision to be a functional brace for a lot of different athletes,” Andrews said, noting that he envisions athletes in softball, football, javelin throwing and cheerleading also benefitting from the brace."

The Sports Elbow Brace features and individually adjustable Boa closure system that cushions the elbow to prevent hyperextension. The Bauerfeind Knit sleeve is extremely soft, comfortable and functional for wear during practice or games, and provides medically effective compression that aids proprioception and helps reduce pain and swelling.

“You can tighten the Boa closure system dial above the elbow and prevent extension, and the Bauerfeind Knit can help you control swelling that occurs around the elbow as well as prevention of hyperextension,” he said.

Watch the video below to learn how to get the perfect fit and precise size for your Sports Elbow Brace.

Sports Elbow Brace

  • Boa® closure system – for individually adjustable movement control
  • Durable and washable 3D AirKnit technology for maximum breathability and comfort
  • Improves joint guidance and reduces swelling
  • Anatomical fit and breathable materials for exceptional comfort

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