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GenuTrain OA Knee Brace

Orthosis for Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Degenerative arthritis of the knee (Osteoarthritis or OA) is a condition in which the natural joint surface cartilage slowly “wears” away. Bauerfeind offers a wide range of products for different stages of OA progression.

Our new GenuTrain OA knee brace provides clinically-proven relief from painful Osteoarthritis of the knee through innovative unloading and targeted, comfortable compression. Available through prescription from your healthcare provider.

GenuTrain® OA
Orthosis for compression and unloading of the knee joint.

Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain OA knee brace combines a lightweight, low-profile design with 3D AirKnit support for unparalleled relief, joint control and all day wearing comfort.

The GenuTrain OA provides targeted relief to areas on the inside or outside of the knee joint - “unloading” pressure with its innovative strap system, based on the 3-Point Principle. The compression support improves proprioception for an active lifestyle.

GenuTrain OA Details
  1. Innovative unloading system
    adjustable power-8 strap system and stabilizing hinge provide relief (3-Point Principle)
  2. Compression AirKnit
    lightweight and low profile for extra wearing comfort and improved proprioception
  3. Stabilizing hinge
    automatically adjusts to leg shape and allows for flexion/extention control
  4. BOA® Fit-System
    easy adjustable unloading relief
  5. Finger loops
    for easy donning and doffing

More information for Health Professionals

For the Treatment of:

  • Medial or lateral osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Instability of the knee joint (mediolateral)
  • Unicompartmental cartilage/bone lesion
  • Condition after cartilage surgery and cartilage growth for necessary unilateral post-operative relief
  • Following unilateral meniscal lesions
  • Ahlbäck’s disease (osteonecrosis)
  • Osteochondrosis dissecans
  • Bone bruising (bone edema of the medial condylus of the femur/tibial plateau)

Ask your doctor about how you can maintain an active
lifestyle with the GenuTrain OA unloader knee brace

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*GenuTrain OA unloader knee brace is eligible for reimbursement through most insurance, HSA and FSA plans. Please check with your insurance provider for specific details of your plan eligibility.


Comfort Image

Comfortable to wear

Skin-friendly knee orthosis made of breathable material

Adjustable Image

Adjustable relieve

Easy adjustable unloading relief during activity


Lightweight, low profile design, can be worn under pants


Comparison Chart

Bauerfeind is known globally for world class quality, innovation and manufacturing of orthopedic braces that provide proven therapeutic benefits and are extremely comfortable to wear. With the new GenuTrain OA, Bauerfeind now offers a complete range of knee OA solutions covering the different stages of OA progression.

Image of our knee brace GenuTrain worn on a knee
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Image of our knee brace GenuTrain A3 worn on a knee
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GenuTrain A3
Mild to Moderate OA
Image of our knee brace GenuTrain S worn on a knee
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GenuTrain S
Advanced Stability
Image of our knee brace GenuTrain OA worn on a knee
More Info
GenuTrain OA
NEW! Unloading Relief
Medical-Grade Compression
Stimulates Proprioception
Hinged Brace with Stabilizing Sidebars
Pain / Strain / Instability / Swelling (Edema)
Tendinitis / Runner's Knee / Jumper's Knee
Mild - Moderate Osteoarthritis
Moderate - Severe Osteoarthritis (OA)
Meniscus Injury
Kneecap Dislocations / Patella Femoral Syndrome
MCL / LCL Injuries (Grade I or II)
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