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ErgoPad® ski & skate

Foot support for winter sports
ErgoPad® ski & skate Click image to open expanded view

ErgoPad® ski & skate

Foot support for winter sports
Bauerfeind’s ErgoPad® ski & skate keeps your feet stable yet flexible during winter sports in which foot and joint pain is common.
$ 104.00

Innovative technology for better control

Skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey – many winter sports force the feet into a static position. Tilting to the side and changing pressure loads put strain on the feet and joints. ErgoPad ski & skate winter sports insole is designed to absorb these loads and support your feet – and insulates against cold.

Control and security

ErgoPad ski & skate absorbs shock load and adapts to the movement patterns involved in sports with sideward stopping and accelerating movements. The toe bank supports the toes, while the heel cup stabilizes the foot when tilting to the side.

Comfortable in your footwear

The ErgoPad ski & skate is particularly beneficial for feet stuck in rigid footwear like ski boots, where movement is limited and fatigue sets in quickly. Stay on the slopes or on the ring longer. ErgoPad ski & skate provides the additional support and shock absorption you need during winter sports.


  1. Heel cup - Provides stability when tilting sideways and changing direction quickly.
  2. Sensorimotor spots - Stimulate the foot muscles and improve motor function.
  3. Toe bank - Supports the small toes for better contact with the ground.
  4. Thermal technology - Breathable top cover insulates against cold.
  5. Weightflex® technology - Supports the natural movement of the feet.

Treatment of

  • Arch pain
  • Foot pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Flat/Splayfoot
  • High arches
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