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Stabilizing support for elbow pain, swelling and injury
  • EpiPoint®
  • EpiPoint®
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Stabilizing support for elbow pain, swelling and injury
Bauerfeind’s EpiPoint® braces and supports have stabilizing support to relieve tendon pain such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, arthritis and similar muscle and tendon irritation or inflammation.
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Always the right amount of compression

Anyone who repeats the same arm movements every day can be suddenly overcome by sharp pain. The tissues are over-strained and become swollen and inflamed. Bauerfeind’s EpiPoint supports massage the tissue during exercise and stimulates the metabolism. This can help the swelling to go down quickly. EpiPoint braces have an integrated elastic cushion that relieves pressure on the tendon attachments at precisely the right points.

Secure fastening

The EpiPoint elbow support fastens around the forearm with an adjustable band that lets you set the level of compression. A red warning section indicates if the strap is getting to be too tight.

Protection where you need it

The pad in the elbow support can be rotated around the central axis and refastened with a Velcro fastener, so the EpiPoint brace can be worn on either the left or the right forearm. An indicator shows whether the pad is currently set for the right or the left arm. Ace tennis elbow with Bauerfeind’s EpiPoint stabilizing braces and supports.


  1. The viscoelastic pad – exerts highly targeted compression
  2. Dynamic pressure adjustment – thanks to an elastic adjustable band
  3. Red color coding – alerts user of excessive compression
  4. Controlled compression of the forearm – targeted pressure relief for areas subject to excessive pain

Treatment of

  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer's elbow
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