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Pain relief for injured or strained shoulders
  • 4.8
  4 reviews
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Pain relief for injured or strained shoulders
  • 4.8
  4 reviews
Bauerfeind’s OmoTrain® braces and supports stabilize the shoulder joint and provide secure stability during movement.
$ 161.00
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Proprietary design for relief of shoulder pain

Bauerfeind’s OmoTrain braces have a unique design that guides and centers the arm in the socket so the shoulder maintains proper natural movement without impacting mobility. The support is easy to put on and take off thanks to its high elasticity, and it is secured to your upper body with a soft strap.

Full range of motion

OmoTrain supports you during movements such as lifting of the arm. Your chest and back areas are left free, so the support is particularly comfortable to wear.

Relieve pain and discomfort

The full pain-relieving effect of the support is produced during movement. As you move, the OmoTrain support activates the muscles and gives an intermittent massage on the soft tissues. You can also use a removable pad for additional massage effect on specific pain spots.

Comfortable fit

The soft knit fabric delivers the ultimate in comfort. It is also machine washable in the gentle cycle, which helps maintain its elasticity and original fit.

Don’t shoulder the pain

Relieve it, with OmoTrain shoulder braces and supports.


  1. Soft knit fabric - Breathable knit is comfortable to wear, gentle on your skin and keeps moisture away from the body. It is machine washable in the gentle cycle.
  2. Viscoelastic soft pad - Massaging nubs reduce swelling and relieve pain in the soft tissue.
  3. High elasticity - Makes it easy to put the shoulder support on and take it off.
  4. Strap system - Secures the brace to your body and centers the shoulder for stability and pain relief.
  5. Pressure-reduced edges - Less compression at the edges for an optimal and comfortable fit that improves circulation.
  6. The special chest-free wearing system - leaves the chest area free and does not restrict breathing, ensuring excellent wearing comfort

Treatment of

  • Shoulder pain
  • Swelling of the shoulder
  • Shoulder tendinitis
  • Shoulder arthritis
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  • overall
  • 4.8
  • 5
  • created by   Anonymous | Sep 30, 2018
Omo Train
I have tried everything from compression tops to KT tape to get some help for my shoulder issues so I can continue to play basketball and lift weights as I have all my adult life. I have a torn rotator cuff along with a labrum tear in my right shoulder. Opted to not have surgery and instead did exercises to strengthen the areas. The compression tops restrict you and put compression in areas I do not need. The KT tape works for a short while but needs to be replaced daily for the best effect and that gets costly. I gave this a try and was impressed with how well it supported the same area I would tape but did not put compression on the chest area or my other shoulder. You know you have it on, so it is not like wearing KTtape but it does help to keep your shoulders pulled back in a more athletic position. I was able to shoot a basketball and lift weights with no or very little pain. I was skeptical at first thinking it would restrict my over head movement but it did not. It also keeps my arm in the right slot for all my workout movements. And keeps the shoulder warm. Just make sure you get the right size as that makes a difference. I first ordered a smaller size, did not fit right, switched it to the next size up and was a big difference. I found measuring your bicep with a slight flex made the difference. Takes a while to get used to putting it on but after a couple of times, very simple. Also comes off easy and lets me do all my other treatments which you cannot do with KT tape. I have four of their five knee brace's. It is worth the cost to get the best product that really works. Their west coast rep, Michelle, is always available to answer any question I have and has really given me great information to use on getting Bauerfeind products. Simply the best products out there.
  • 5
  • created by   Anonymous | Feb 25, 2017
I have hEDS and my shoulder subluxes constantly every day. This brace helps me keep my shoulder stabilized and reduces a lot of the pain that comes with frequent subluxations. I highly recommend it.
  • 4
  • created by   Anonymous | Nov 20, 2015
Good product
Had a reverse arthroplasty done 8 yrs. ago due to total destruction of the rotator cuff and shattered humerus. Have been using the Bauerfeind Shoulder harness for 7 years. It is better than anything I had previously bought (3 braces) and fairly easy to use. I am a slim guy with a well defined shoulder area so i thought a medium size would work. I would advise buying one size up because you are going to have to wear a T-shirt under it anyway (you will need someone to help you put it on, at least for the first six months after therapy) and the elastic has a tendency to "bunch up" under your arm pit (I use an extra foam strip for comfort), The custom support pads are very helpful in positioning your joint so that it doesn't overextend by accident, unless you force it beyond your post surgery range of motion, then they don't work because they were not designed for that extreme movement. Overall I would give it a 4 star rating due to difficulty in putting it on over a T-shirt but functionally it is better than anything made anywhere else, including, sad to say, the U.S.A.