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Sports Elbow Brace

Protects the elbow from overextension
  • 4.7
  3 reviews
Sports Elbow Brace Click image to open expanded view

Sports Elbow Brace

Protects the elbow from overextension
  • 4.7
  3 reviews
Sports Elbow Brace protects the elbow from painful overextension during throwing and overhead movements. The brace provides smooth cushioning during movement with an incorporated strap system. Its preset tension takes effect when the arm extends rapidly, triggering a counter-reaction in the forearm muscles to balance out the force and take the stress away from the joint.
$ 199.99
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Boa® Closure System

The practical Boa® Closure System cushions the elbow from hyperextension with individually adjustable motion control and offers highly precise tension adjustments, yet allows for natural, unrestricted throwing movements.

3D Air knit technology for maximum breathability and comfort

The Air Knit is lightweight, comfortable, moisture-wicking and washable. It allows maximum freedom of movement and the adhesive zones guarantee a secure fit.

Compression for optimal athletic performance

The Air Knit provides medical standard compression to boost circulation and reduce damaging muscle vibrations.

Improved confidence

Medical standard compression not only boosts circulation, but also provides positive sensorimotor feedback. This enhanced feedback can translate to improved confidence and reduced injury rates.


  1. Boa® closure system – for individually adjustable movement control
  2. Improves joint guidance and reduces swelling
  3. Durable and washable
  4. Anatomical fit and breathable materials for exceptional comfort

Treatment of

  • Prevents hyperextension of elbow
  • Treatment for Ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) sprain
  • Post-operative rehabilitation following elbow reconstruction procedures/, including Tommy John surgery
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  • overall
  • 4.7
  • 5
  • created by   John Manion | May 7, 2020
Makes a huge difference
I am an ex baseball player who has undergone Tommy Jon surgery roughly 11 years ago. I have been trying to get back in shape for the past three years and have had a lot of problems with lateral and medial epicondylitis as well as incredible pain from hyperextending my elbow. I have tried other elbow braces that helped with the epicondylitis but nothing that managed to help the hypertension I was experiencing. This device has allowed me to throw with max power and no repercussion. This brace gives me confidence to push it hard and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for the best option outside of surgery.
  • 5
  • created by   Anonymous | Apr 18, 2018
Volleyball player
I had surgery 2 years ago after having a teammate fall into my elbow while we both were diving for the same ball. I ended up with nerve impingement and the surgeon surgically placed the nerve properly back into the channel where it belongs. I wasn't able to play for months following surgery and once I was given the ok to by my OT, the pain was excruciating. I kept waiting for more healing and strength to return to my elbow. Because the pain continued each time I passed a ball and my elbow was forced into extension, it was recommended to me by a friend familiar with the brace that I should try it to reduce the forced extension in my elbow from the ball. It is amazing! The very first time I tried to pass a ball with the brace on I almost cried. I thought I was never going to be able to play again. A year and a half later, the nerve in my elbow still cannot tolerate extension from the impact of the ball, but with the brace, I'm able to continue to play the sport I love!
  • 4
  • created by   Anonymous | Nov 14, 2015
Well many of you might not know this but Bauerfiends' main endorser for this specific product were well known doctors who perform Tommy John Surgery. After knowing this I had to try it out considering I had been suffering from constant inner elbow pain. I was pleased with the comfortability but made me question if it would do anything. After two months of use, inflammation has gone down and my pain has turned to soreness which every pitcher encounters after a rigourous outing or bullpen. 225 dollars for a better arm, or 3000 for a new arm and a year of recovery. Your choice, I am satisfied with mine.