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Run Performance Socks from Bauerfeind Sports

With unique functional zones for more performance, support and comfort


Running is about you. Whether you are a professional marathoner or a 5k amateur, it’s all about your personal records and how to beat them. More power, stability, and comfort can help you do just that.

We are introducing our brand new line of Run Performance Socks designed just for you - with targeted compression, increased ankle stability, and relief for your heel and sole. Exceed your goals with Bauerfeind Sports Run Performance Socks and experience a new kind of comfortable concentration, stable power, and stylish functionality. Choose between Low Cut, Mid Cut, and Full Compression for your personal best.

3 lengths, 3 times better performance

Run Performance
Low Cut Socks

Discreet Comfort & Support

Ankle-length socks with targeted compression zones to support your arches, protect your soles, and reduce pressure on your heels and Achilles tendons. They are also hypoallergenic and breathable for ultimate comfort.

Run Performance
Mid Cut Socks

Stability with Every Step

Targeted compression zones stabilize the metatarsus and ankle, support the arches, and help prevent overloading. Additional comfort zones protect your soles and reduce pressure on your heels and Achilles tendons.

Run Performance
Compression Socks

Full-Length Performance

Activate your calves and reduce muscle vibrations with targeted compression. Various functional zones support your ankles and arches, protect your soles and reduce pressure on your heels and Achilles tendons.

Our running socks inspire even the pros

"We love these socks! They give us an amazing feeling during our runs. While wearing them, we feel the urge to start running immediately. They fit perfectly and are real eye-catchers. We can describe the new socks in just two words: fast & stylish!"

- Marathon twins Anna and Lisa Hahner

Four Colors • Compression & Comfort Zones • Highest Standards of Quality

What’s so special about the new Bauerfeind Sports Run Performance Socks?

Outside of running shoes and athletic clothing, run socks are one of the most important pieces of running gear. Through high-tech microfibers and hypoallergenic, breathable materials, our Run Socks provide runners with the comfort and functionality to meet and beat their goals.

Many top athletes and amateurs have been relying on the compression effect of run socks for years. Compression socks activate the "venous pump" of the calf which improves blood flow. As a consequence, muscles are able to recover faster. In addition, long socks reduce irritating muscle vibrations which are responsible for micro tears.

Our brand new Run Socks are defined by multiple revolutionary compression zones that create a more comfortable and stable running experience. Helping you beat your goals and run faster was also our goal when developing this new running technology.

The Full Compression Run Performance Sock places your calf muscle in the optimal performance zone for a longer period of time, while the additional four compression zones prevent excessive strain, offer comfortable concentration, stable power, and stylish functionality for your runs. It’s a difference you can actually feel!

The Mid Cut Run Performance Socks are the perfect choice for anyone who does not want full-length socks but is still seeking stability and safety for their ankles. Special compression zones support the midfoot, ankle, and the arch, effectively preventing overload while alleviating ground-impact pressure on the sole and heel during your goal-breaking runs.

The Run Performance Low Cut Socks offer the ability to hide your socks without sacrificing comfort and protection. The Relief Sole, Arch Lift, Achilles Tendon Comfort and Heel Protection zones reduce the pressure on your sole and heel while supporting your arch. Running couldn't be any more comfortable or fashionable.

Run Performance Compression Socks Lineup