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Sports Insoles Ball & Racket

Supports and relieves the foot during ball sports
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Sports Insoles Ball & Racket

Supports and relieves the foot during ball sports
The Sports Insole Ball and Racket provides the necessary stability for quick stops and turns making them ideal for ball sports. The flexible orthotic core supports the foot while allowing natural mobility for optimal performance.
$ 70.00
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Flexible orthotic core with Weightflex™ technology

This flexible orthotic core uses innovative Weightflex™ technology to support and guide the foot. This ensures increased stability without affecting mobility and performance.

Cushioning and skin-friendly materials

The skin friendly material creates a soft cushion for the foot and the top cover is antibacterial to inhibit odors.

Heel is supported and toe platform is slightly raised

The heel cup is extra supportive to stabilize the ankle during quick directional changes while the slightly raised toe platform reduces painful toe cramps and improves shoe to foot contact.

Sensorimotor regions to stimulate muscles and reduce fatigue

Special zones stimulate the foot musculature to improve motor function and reduce fatigue.


  1. Heel cup – surrounds the heel and stabilizes the ankle during quick changes of direction
  2. Sensory motor spots – stimulate the foot muscles
  3. Antibacterial top cover – inhibits odors
  4. Weightflex® technology – supports the natural mobility of the feet when running

Treatment of

  • Foot and arch pain
  • Flat foot
  • Splayfoot
  • Weak arches
  • Reducing foot fatigue
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