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High-Performance Sport Knee Support

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Order Now! For a 60-day Guarantee -OR- Buy at Amazon

The Technology Behind Our

German Engineering

Highly elastic knitted fabric for a carefully regulated amount of compression based on medical standards. This can assist the body in removing inflammation and importing oxygenated blood. This can help reduce post exercise soreness which can improve recovery times. Bauerfeind products are a true medical grade, graduated compression.

Proprioceptive training is now an integral part of competitive sport and a key focus of studies currently being carried out by sports scientists. Intermittent compression and the stimulation of receptors have a proven effect on your body’s proprioception and support sensory motor function. The result: improved body awareness, greater stability and excellent protection to help prevent excessive strain and injuries.

Bauerfeind Sports Supports are anatomically designed for a precision fit. The unique knit technology provides the perfect level of support, allowing you to perform your best. Sports supports featuring 3D AIRKNIT TECHNOLOGY are lightweight and breathable, keeping you cool and preventing any sweat build-up even during extreme physical activity.