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LumboTrain - Back Brace

Relieves lower back pain, improves posture and stabilizes
  • 5
  3 reviews
  • LumboTrain - Back Brace
  • LumboTrain - Back Brace
  • LumboTrain - Back Brace
  • LumboTrain - Back Brace
  • LumboTrain - Back Brace
  • LumboTrain - Back Brace
  • LumboTrain - Back Brace
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LumboTrain - Back Brace

Relieves lower back pain, improves posture and stabilizes
  • 5
  3 reviews

Bauerfeind’s LumboTrain back brace stabilizes the back and relieves acute and chronic lower back pain associated with back sprains, mild herniated discs, muscular weakness, intervertebral disc degeneration or post-epidural injections. It combines circular compression and a viscoelastic pad to stabilize, relieve and massage the back during movement.

Also available as LumboTrain Lady Back Brace, specifically designed for women.
• Stabilizes and relieves pain in the lower back
• Triangular pad massages trigger points
• Breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking knit is gentle on skin
• Easy to put on and take off with practical hand straps
• Highly elastic knit enhances comfort and adapts to movement
Indications: Back pain, back sprain, mild herniated disc, muscular weakness, intervertebral disc degeneration, post-epidural injections

Sizing ImageSIZING & FIT: Bauerfeind braces and supports are anatomically contoured and are most effective when they fit perfectly. Your brace should support you firmly without feeling tight or loose. Please use the size chart to size correctly.

$ 199.00
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Effective back pain relief with zero side effects

If you’re experiencing back pain, then know that you’re not alone, as nearly 80% of Americans will have back pain at least once in their lives. Many people will turn to pain medication for relief, even if it means dealing with unwanted side effects.

Bauerfeind’s LumboTrain back brace is designed to effectively stabilize your back, improve posture and relieve lower back pain while allowing you to move freely. The best part? Zero side effects. Whether you experience lower back pain while sitting, standing or exercising, the LumboTrain helps you return to a more pain-free lifestyle.

Individually adjustable with massage pad and hand straps

The LumboTrain’s viscoelastic pad is used to support the back during movement and provide a massaging effect through massage nubs that stimulate muscles and relieve pain. You can also individually position or entirely remove the massage pad if preferred, as it’s attached to the back brace with Velcro.

Practical hand straps and Velcro fastenings allow the LumboTrain to be adjustable to your body and easy to put on and remove, even for people with arthritis. The fastening region also keeps the back brace securely in place by preventing it from folding over while sitting.

Breathable, comfortable and moisture-wicking knit

Bauerfeind’s Train knit material is lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking. This allows you to wear the LumboTrain underneath clothing, so you can have long-lasting support that’s practical for use while at work, home or the gym.

The LumboTrain’s knit is anatomically contoured and soft on the skin, with reduced pressure at the edges for premium wearing comfort. Additionally, it stabilizes and relieves pressure in the lumbar region through the straightening effect of circular compression.



  1. Pressure-reduced edge – ensures a comfortable fit without constriction
  2. High elasticity – adapts to every movement and makes the support extremely comfortable to wear
  3. Velcro closure system and hand-straps – adjustable and easy to don and doff, even for people with arthritis
  4. Soft knit fabric – breathable materials keeps moisture away from the body, exerts even pressure and adapts to your body shape
  5. Three-dimensional Train active knit relieves and – gently straightens the lumbar spine
  6. Removable viscoelastic pad – supports the back during movements, provides a massaging effect and relieves pain

Treatment of

  • Back pain
  • Back sprain
  • Mild herniated disc
  • Muscular weakness
  • Intervertebral disk degeneration
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  • overall
  • 5
  • 5
  • created by   exgordo | Oct 13, 2023
useful brace
Since 2014 I have been using a lumbar support, with the best results and now after lumar cx I use more regularly and can´t more than recommend the use of it for the back surgery
  • 5
  • created by   maria Neto | Mar 7, 2021
A amazing
The best thing ever I was in so much pain in one minute and in the next, it felt like I had a new back
  • 5
  • created by   Anonymous | Oct 25, 2015
Back Pain gone
The lumbar train is unbelievable. It works like magic. One day I was in Santa Monica with my daughter for lunch on her 16th birthday and I could barely walk. I mean I was in excruciating pain. When we walked out of the restaurant I realized that I had no money to pay for the valet service. The closest ATM was two blocks away and I took baby steps trying to get there. In the meantime we passed by a store that had a lot of athletic type items in it and my daughter who ran track at the time wanted to go in. We walked in and it was a store that had lots of Bauerfend products and my back has forever been cured. At first I walked out thinking why did I just spend $200. However it was almost instant relief from the pain. It's the best $200 ever spent. I have referred friends to this and they swear by it. It automatically adjust you and alleviate pressure.