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Foot support and protection for all athletes.

Bauerfeind®’s innovative, industry-leading designs are now optimized for athletes. Achieving the ultimate goal to increase self-confidence during sport or activity, Bauerfeind® Sports insoles are designed specifically for a range of sports and activities: running, hiking and walking; ball and racket sports; skiing and skating; and golf. Ensure a comfortable and protected step while supporting the natural movement of the foot with incorporated Weightflex™ technology, which stimulates the foot muscles to increase stability and improve mobility. Experience the unparalleled comfort, breathability and durability of Bauerfeind® Sports insoles and achieve your peak performance.

“I’ve been a fan of Bauerfeind products for many years now. I have to be able to rely on my body – and Bauerfeind helps me to do that. Its products are world-class.”

- Dirk Nowitzki
13-Time NBA All-Star