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Staying healthy is easier than ever with our at-home fitness video options. No matter how much time or room you have, we offer several workouts to help keep you moving.
Stay In Balance - Yoga for Back Pain Relief
Flow through seven yoga poses that can help mobilize, strengthen and improve posture in your lower back – while also complimenting one of our premium line of back braces.
FSA/HSA Eligibility Deadline is Approaching
Did you know you can use FSA and HSA funds to purchase eligible Bauerfeind braces, supports and compression products? Check out our FSA/HSA page to learn more.
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Bauerfeind has the right sport braces, supports and compression products to keep you in the game and improve your performance. True medical-grade compression by Bauerfeind helps improve circulation to boost oxygenating blood flow and remove inflammation. This can help reduce post-exercise soreness and improve recovery times. Find the right brace for your activity below.

Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support NBA


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