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Best Braces for Tennis Elbow

Bauerfeind EpiTrain Elbow Support


Q: What is “Tennis Elbow”?

A: Lateral epicondylitis, or “Tennis Elbow” as it’s commonly known, is a painful condition caused by inflammation of the tendon that attaches muscle to the bony projection (called the epicondyle) on the outside of the elbow

Q: Why are tennis players at risk for this condition?

A: Tennis elbow can occur in anyone—construction workers, golfers, gardeners—not just tennis players. Anyone is at risk. It is basically an over use injury of wrist extension. In a tennis player it can occur if the racket grip is too small or too big, string tension or type of strings, poor technique, playing too often, racket weight etc. This is a complicated issue and my advice is if you find yourself afflicted you should try to address it with a tennis pro.

Q: What treatments are available for Tennis Elbow?

A: Many people are tempted to reach for over the counter anti-inflammatory pills, which can certainly provide temporary relief but when used in the long-term can have adverse affects on the body. For long-term injury recovery the “base line” treatment is RICE Therapy —rest, ice, compression and elevation.

Bauerfeind is the “C” in RICE: medical-grade compression to pump out inflammation and reduce pain. Bracing the elbow with an EpiTrain Elbow Support provides therapeutic compression along with gentle massage to treat the injury.

Other treatments are prescription medications, cortisone injections, physical therapy and massage. See your healthcare provider to determine a recovery plan that’s right for you

Q: What makes the EpiTrain Elbow Support different from other products available?

A: The biggest difference between an EpiTrain and other elbow supports and straps is the 360 degrees of medical-grade compression. This pumps out inflammation and increases circulation to help speed healing. The viscoelastic pads on both sides of the elbow have superior shock absorption and anti-vibration properties vs air bubbles/fabric/plastic of other competitors.

Additionally, the 3D knit of the EpiTrain can accommodate the increased blood flow and arm getting bigger as muscle contracts, so it stays comfortable for the whole match vs only being comfortable half way through the first set.

EpiTrain Elbow Support

  • Graduated compression - Compression tapers at the edges to target painful areas and help improve circulation
  • Pressure-reduced edges - Ensure a comfortable fit without constriction and make the support easier to put on and take off
  • Anatomical shape - Improves stabilization of the tendon. Viscoelastic material reduces vibration and shock to the tendon
  • Contoured pads - Boosts pain relief by relieving pressure and helps ensure correct positioning

This information is provided for general information purposes and should not be relied on as a substitute for medical advice, evaluation or care from a qualified and licensed health care provider. The information contained here is not to be considered a plan of care of physical therapy.