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Wrist Roller Extensions

Elbow & Wrist Recovery Exercise

Physical Therapy Videos Put Together By Real Orthopedic Specialists To Help You Recover And Stay Injury-Free.

Strengthen the elbow, forearm and hands.

This exercise is intended to strengthen the muscles responsible for extending the wrist.

The support and compression provided by the Bauerfeind EpiTrain Elbow Support can help manage pain and swelling during and after injury recovery.

To complete this exercise you will need an elastic band and a plastic or wooden dowel. Wrap a small portion of the band around the dowel. Step on the free end of the band to secure it in place.

With the dowel held out in front of the body alternately roll the dowel in each hand. Each roll of the dowel increases the tension in the band and the resistance applied to your movements.

Once you have completed the upward repetitions, roll the band back out. Perform 15 upward and 15 downward repetitions. Repeat as your ability allows.

EpiTrain Elbow Support

  • Graduated compression - Compression tapers at the edges to target painful areas and help improve circulation.
  • Pressure-reduced edges - Ensure a comfortable fit without constriction and make the support easier to put on and take off.
  • Anatomical shape - Improves stabilization of the tendon. Viscoelastic material reduces vibration and shock to the tendon.
  • Contoured pads - Boosts pain relief by relieving pressure and helps ensure correct positioning.

This information is provided for general information purposes and should not be relied on as a substitute for medical advice, evaluation or care from a qualified and licensed health care provider. The information contained here is not to be considered a plan of care of physical therapy.