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ManuLoc® long

Extra Long Immobilizing Wrist Brace for Stability and Recovery
  • ManuLoc® long
  • ManuLoc® long
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ManuLoc® long

Extra Long Immobilizing Wrist Brace for Stability and Recovery
ManuLoc Long provides secure support for the wrist, immobilizing the joint in a comfortable, neutral position. With breathable, moisture-wicking and anatomically contoured design, the ManuLoc Long wrist brace is comfortable and easy to wear while recovering from injury. ManuLoc Long is a longer version of the original ManuLoc wrist brace.
$ 74.95

Whether mild carpal tunnel syndrome, acute injuries, post-operative irritation or osteoarthritis: ManuLoc Long by Bauerfeind stabilizes the wrist, immobilizing the joint while allowing the fingers and thumb to move freely. This alleviates pain without hindering everyday activities. Easy to put on and take off at any time, ManuLoc Long allows you to start training again early so your wrist can quickly regain mobility.

Immobilization without impairment

Inflammation of the sheath that surrounds the tendon (tenosynovitis) or even carpal tunnel syndrome? A sprained or twisted wrist? After surgery or for chronic osteoarthritis? Wrist complaints can occur in any life situation and at any age: they can affect an IT expert with RSI syndrome, a competitive gymnast with a strain or a retiree with osteoarthritis.

To alleviate pain and accelerate recovery, it can be helpful to stabilize the wrist. However, you should still be able to move your fingers and grip in your everyday routine.

This is precisely what Bauerfeind’s ManuLoc Long wrist brace offers. Three anatomically shaped, lightweight and flat aluminum stays ensure that the wrist is subjected to as little strain as possible, without limiting the movement of the fingers and thumb.

ManuLoc Long is easy and comfortable to wear. With a breathable, open-air design, the skin remains comfortably cool while the large micro Velcro fasteners make ManuLoc Long easy to put on and take off with one hand. Convenient stoppers prevent the straps from sliding out of their rings.

- Immobilizes the wrist in the neutral position.
- Breathable, moisture-wicking design with no seams ensures maximum comfort.
- Anatomically contoured lateral stays restrict both radial and ulnar movement and can be adjusted if needed.
- Metacarpal stay immobilizes the wrist without restricting gripping movements.
- Large Velcro® fastenings with integrated stop tab facilitate easy donning and doffing. Straps can be completely released when needed.
- Can be worn on right or left side.

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