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Lower Back Braces for Walking & Hiking

Relief, stabilization and support for your best hikes

Hiking is a great physical activity for people of all ages to explore new trails, be active and stay healthy. It is also a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends whether going out for a day trip or a camping weekend.

Bauerfeind lower back braces relieve, stabilize and activate your lumbar spine for faster recovery and more comfort on your walks or hikes. Try Bauerfeind products risk-free with our 60-day money-back guarantee.

How to avoid back strain while hiking?

Gradually getting used to hiking and giving your muscles, joints and ligaments enough time to adjust is key to preventing injury. Choose trails based on your experience and fitness level. Work up to longer, more strenuous hikes.

  • Invest in a good-fitting backpack that helps distribute the weight evenly
  • Pack smart: Only carry necessary items
  • Use hiking poles to keep your upper body upright and reduce strain on your back
  • Strengthen and stretch your back before and after your hikes
  • Build in recovery time
Why does my back hurt after walking or hiking?

While hiking and walking are usually beneficial in overcoming back pain, long strenuous hikes on uneven terrain, a heavy backpack that is not fitting properly and weak back or core muscles can lead to back strain or pain.

With a few easy tricks you can relieve your back to reach the summit: Many hikers tend to lean forward while hiking uphill and backward while hiking downhill, which puts additional strain on the back. Use trekking poles to keep your upper body upright. Lengthen the poles while hiking downhill.

Check if your backpack is fitting properly, adjust cushions if needed and close the hip and sternum strap to distribute the weight evenly.

Stretch to activate and loosen muscles before and after your hike. Strengthen your core and back with yoga. Wear a Bauerfeind back brace such as the LumboTrain to support and stabilize your back. The LumboTrain Back Brace massages trigger points and helps to improve posture.

How does the Bauerfeind back brace relieve lower back pain?

Bauerfeind’s lightweight, breathable back braces provide stability while allowing for full range of motion and encouraging abdominal and back extensor muscle activity. Strategically placed pads with nubs massage targeted areas to relieve pain, reduce muscle spasms and increase circulation. The circular knit compresses the abdomen to straighten and improve posture. Staying active is a key factor for lasting back pain relief. Read more about holistic back pain treatment here.

Can I wash my Bauerfeind back brace or support?

Yes. Washing your back braces and supports regularly helps maintain their shape and last longer.

For products with Velcro straps, fasten them securely at the place provided on the brace. Machine-wash or hand-wash your brace or strap in cold water using a gentle or delicate cycle. Wash separately using a laundry detergent with no additives (do not use fabric softener or Woolite). Lay flat and let it air-dry. Do not put it in the dryer. Proper washing and drying helps keep the knit’s elasticity and original fit.

This information is provided for general information purposes and should not be relied on as a substitute for medical advice, evaluation or care from a qualified and licensed health care provider. The information contained here is not to be considered a plan of care for physical therapy. Call 911 in severe cases and get treated immediately.