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Marathon Training

Gear Up for the Long Run

For many athletes, running a marathon is the challenge of a lifetime. The idea of crossing the finish line means achieving something great just for yourself.

Marathon training is crucial for your success. You cannot set out to run 26.2 miles without preparing intensively for weeks or months. With the right training and support you can reach your goal, avoiding strain and injury along the way.

Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or are already an avid runner, the Bauerfeind’s sports team has tips for Marathon Training preparation, drills, scheduling, and recovery.

Hahner Twins Image

Anna and Lisa Hahner
World's Fastest Marathon Twins

“For us, training the mind is just as important as training the body. It is probably even more important for a marathon - especially because it is such a long distance - that you are mentally ready for it and that you deal with the marathon in advance."