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Braces and Supports
for Cycling

Stabilize joints and ride longer in comfort

During cycling, your joints ensure optimal distribution of muscle power in the legs, trunk and arms. They lead your kick, secure your sitting position and aid in steering. Your joints need to be fit for your ride to be pleasurable and to provide you with power.

Protect Your Joints While Cycling

Although it is generally true that cycling is easier on the joints than other sports, joint protection is nevertheless important, depending on specific demands. This applies to recreational riders who are planning a longer ride as well as to ambitious competitive athletes, but especially to mountain bikers and BMX riders. While it’s true that suspension forks absorb jumps, they don’t do so with sufficient force. That’s why joints need additional support and guidance. Otherwise, excessive strain can occur.

Bauerfeind’s premium braces and supports guide joints safely during every movement on the mountain or during sprints. At the same time, they ensure optimum force distribution and are hardly noticeable. Light and airy fabric provides optimal comfort, while incorporated pads massage respective body areas and therefore reliably prevent joint overload.

Steer toward your best bike performance with strong joints!

Recover from a Knee Injury

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a knee injury, you know it can take you off your bike. RICE Therapy is generally regarded as the most effective first-line treatment. Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain line of knee braces and supports provide the “C” (compression) in this treatment. Medical-grade compression increases oxygenating blood flow to the injured joint, reducing pain, swelling and recovery times.

Professional athletes and athletic trainers trust in Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain line to treat knee injuries.

Activate circulation & regenerate quickly after long rides

Have you experienced it? You take off your helmet, your heart and respiratory rate normalize, but the euphoria remains. One thing is certain: you already have your next ride in mind and want to get back in the saddle as soon as possible. That’s because those with lofty athletic goals must train. However, your body needs a proper regeneration phase. Otherwise, sore muscles and cramps will follow. You can optimize your recovery curve with Bauerfeind compression products as soon as you step off your bike to get ready for your next ride.

Compression socks and sleeves promote oxygen transport

Compression products have been developed for endurance sports, among other things, and promote faster muscle regeneration during and after cycling. Bauerfeind’s medical-grade compression activates circulation, promoting oxygen transport to muscles and improving the flow of blood back to the heart. Waste products are also transported away, reducing swelling in the legs and arms.

It’s not without reason that professional cyclists have been relying on compression products for years. Racing professionals wear compression products during training as well as during and after a competition. Bauerfeind’s Sports Compression Socks and Sleeves support muscle recovery, so you can enjoy faster, more pleasurable rides to the fullest. That’s how to optimize your recovery and performance curve so you can set out on your best ride ever!


What are the most common injuries for cycling?

Some of the most common running injuries are patellofemoral syndrome (runner’s knee), patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee), Achilles tendinitis, back strain, muscle tightness and muscle fatigue.

Do I need a knee brace for cycling?

If you’ve ever suffered a knee injury, it’s recommended that you wear a knee brace or support while cycling to help avoid reinjury. Medical-grade compression found in Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain medical line provides stability and oxygenating blood flow to the knee joint to reduce pain, inflammation and recovery times. If you’ve never had a knee injury, you may still want to consider an athletic brace like the Sports Knee Support to help protect your knee against excessive strain while cycling.

Do I need a back brace for cycling?

Cyclists often complain of lower back pain. This is due to the stress that the natural cycling position puts on the lower spine. Wearing a back brace from Bauerfeind can give your back support while delivering healing compression and gentle massage to the inflamed areas. Bauerfeind’s LumboTrain and Sports Back Support braces are lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking for a comfortable ride.