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Best Braces for Hiking

Gear up and protect your joints this fall

Leaves are changing color. Temperatures are dropping. Summer activities are coming to an end. Fall is here and with it comes the perfect weather for hiking! Hiking outdoors is a great physical activity for people of all ages to get outdoors, explore new trails and stay healthy. Hiking offers a variety of health benefits, like reducing your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol and type II diabetes. It is also a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends whether going out for a day trip or a camping weekend.

As with many physical activities, hiking can lead to achy joints, sore muscles and even injury. Bauerfeind wants to keep you active and relieve your pain with our full line of braces, supports and compression products based on your needs for support and comfort.

GenuTrain Image

Best Knee Brace for Hiking:

Knees are among the most common joints to suffer pain and injury. A durable, supportive knee brace is essential while hiking if you experience knee pain, irritation, weakness or arthritis. You don’t want to get a mile or more down a hiking trail and start experiencing knee pain!

Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain Knee Support is our premium knee brace for anyone who suffers from knee pain and swelling. With medical-grade compression and an Omega+ massage pad, it relieves pain, supports the joint and keeps blood circulating with every step. GenuTrain’s soft, knit fabric is supportive yet flexible, designed to provide stability without limiting your range of motion. Learn More...

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Best Ankle Support for Hiking:

No matter where you go hiking you are bound to encounter uneven surfaces on your trails from rocks, mud, roots and more. Your ankles will be put under quite a bit of stress on these trails, and you should make sure they are properly supported! Start by wearing high-top hiking boots and making sure they are laced up tight, yet comfortably. If you have experienced ankle pain, instability or injury in the past you should also wear an ankle support.

Bauerfeind’s MalleoTrain ankle support reinforces the stability and strength of your ankle joint. With a comfortable knit fabric that fits the natural shape of your ankle, the MalleoTrain ankle brace delivers medical-grade compression without constricting. It stabilizes the ankle and ligaments and improves circulation. With every movement you make, two soft pads massage the ankle joint where you need it the most. These cushioned pads support the inner and outer ankle bones to reduce swelling and provide even more stability. MalleoTrain supports are easy to put on, don’t slip down, and stay comfortably in position. Learn More...

Outdoor Performance Socks Image

Best Compression Socks for Hiking:

Go further! Bauerfeind’s Outdoor Performance Compression Socks for hiking are a powerful companion for your next adventure, and they will offer support even on the steepest trails. These hiking socks provide targeted compression to the calf muscles, stimulating the natural calf pump for more energy to reach the next peak. Integrated “Infinity Zones” around the ankle and arches support the feet and offer added stability with each step and on any surface. Four additional comfort zones provide relief and reduce the pressure on the instep, sole, heel and Achilles tendon. Learn More...