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For running, skiing, hiking and recovery – for better endurance, peak performance and faster recovery.

Sport combines passion and ambition! To reach your goals, you demand a lot from your body and push yourself to your limits. This can result in heavy legs, cramps and sore muscles.

The Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sock Line has been developed to support your legs with revolutionary functional zones, targeted compression and high-tech materials. Targeted compression helps to increase the performance of the calf muscles through muscle specific compression to stimulate circulation, reduce irritating muscle vibrations, and keep your muscles in their optimal performance zone for longer. The Infinity Zone is shaped like a figure-eight around the ankle increasing stability for the ankle and foot arch. Shock-absorbing padding in the soles of the feet and instep provide extra cushioning and help prevent pain, while the lightweight microfiber fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking.

Experience the unparalleled comfort, breathability and durability of Bauerfeind athletic compression socks and achieve peak performance. Available as low-cut or “no-show”, mid-cut and knee-high compression socks for running, hiking, winter sport and recovery.

How do sports socks work?

Our Bauerfeind sports socks have been developed with the athlete in mind. With functional zones, gently regulated compression and high-tech microfiber our sports socks have been specifically designed for every sport.

The knee-high compression socks are activating the circulation and muscular metabolism in the calves – this counteracts swelling and soreness. Additional innovative functional zones support and stabilize your feet. Depending on the sport we have incorporated specially structured padded areas to reduce pressure loads on your feet. For running those are on the sole of the socks while for skiing we padded the shin area extra soft.

How does targeted compression work?

Targeted compression works right at the muscle to be most effective. It stimulates circulation, reduces muscle vibration and thus decreases premature fatigue – keeping you in your optimal performance zone for longer.

Do compression socks work with shin splints?

Shin splints also known as “Medial tibial stress syndrome” is a common source of pain for many runners and athletes. It’s characterized by pain and inflammation along the inside front of the lower leg, along the shin bone. There are many theories on what causes shin splints, and just as many ideas on how to treat them. Ankle instability seems to play a greater role in developing and treating shin splints. Athletic socks can be worn preventatively and during early stages of shin splints to help stabilize the ankle and increase circulation to reduce inflammation.

Can I wear my sports compression socks to bed?

Sports Compression Socks are most effective during and right after your workouts. As a generally healthy person you do not need to wear your sports compression socks at night.

Best compression socks for runners?

Power all the way to the top: our running socks support your calves with targeted compression, revolutionary functional zones and high-tech microfiber. Due to targeted compression zones, your muscles get a critical boost when they need it. The Bauerfeind Sports Sock Line includes 2 running socks: The slightly thicker Performance Socks and extra-thin and breathable Ultralight Socks. Available as no-show, mid-cut and knee-high compression socks.

Best socks for recovery and traveling?

The Bauerfeind Sports Recovery Compression Socks improve the legs’ vitality post workout and speed up the regeneration process. Graduated compression from the foot up helps promote muscle regeneration by activating the metabolism and circulation in the calf muscles. This helps decrease swelling and soreness in the foot, ankle and lower leg. Recover more effectively after your workout. With our travel socks you can recover and revitalize your legs on your way to your next competition.