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Braces and Supports
for Combat Sports

Combat sports require strength, balance, stamina, and the discipline to keep your body healthy. Protecting yourself and learning to treat common injuries like pulls, tears, strains and sprains can keep you on the mat or in the ring.

In addition to a good warm-up and proper technique, wearing a quality, medical-grade compression brace can give your body the oxygenating circulation and support to avoid or alleviate common injuries when you train.

Because of their slim design, comfort and proven effectiveness, Bauerfeind braces and supports are popular across combat sport communities including: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and MMA.


“Finding a knee brace that will not slip, slide and move around while you train can be difficult. Unlike other sports where your knee is rarely grabbed in [Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu] you are constantly moving, fighting grips, and defending the occasional knee bar. In addition you can’t wear a large hinged knee brace under your gi or on top for comfort and safety reasons. This makes finding a knee brace that will be both comfortable and functional difficult. The Bauerfeind GenuTrain is a low profile brace that is perfect for bjj. ” - Aaron, CSA Medical Supply

“These are two of the best knee braces for grappling. The feel, support, compression, and fit are important as these braces stay in place with grappling and don't restrict movement.” Dr. Eugene Tsozik, PT (“The Jiu Jitsu Therapist”)

Protect Your Knees During Combat Sports

Knee injuries are prevalent in combat sports. Bauerfeind’s Sports Knee Support provides stability and protection against excessive strain and injury while grappling or striking. This knee brace was designed with the needs of the athlete in mind: It is lightweight, breathable and stays in place during training. When you’re done simply throw it in the wash and lay flat to dry.

Recover from a Knee Injury

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a knee injury, RICE Therapy is generally regarded as the most effective first-line treatment. Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain line of knee braces and supports provide the “C” (compression) in this treatment. Medical-grade compression increases oxygenating blood flow to the injured joint, reducing pain, swelling and recovery times.

Professional athletes and athletic trainers trust in Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain line to treat knee injuries.

Protect Your Ankles During Combat Sports

Bauerfeind’s Sports Ankle Support and Sports Ankle Support Dynamic both provide stability and medical-grade compression to help protect your ankles from strain and injury. These supports are breathable, machine-washable and have a low-profile fit. See the Jiu Jitsu Therapist’s review of these braces here.

Recover from an Ankle Injury

Ankle sprain and achilles tendonitis are two common injuries in combat sports, but they don’t have to take you off the mat for good. Healthcare professionals often suggest wearing a medical-grade compression brace or support as part of RICE Therapy for injury recovery. Bauerfeind’s MalleoTrain and AchilloTrain ankle supports offer several options for targeting and treating specific ankle injuries. These ankle braces are machine washable, moisture-wicking and have a low-profile fit - making them perfect for combat sports. See the Jiu Jitsu Therapist’s review of these braces here.


What are the most common injuries in combat sports?

Due to the interactive and physical nature of combat sports, joints are especially susceptible to injury. The most common areas for injury include knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and fingers.

Do I need to wear a knee brace while grappling or sparring?

If you’ve ever suffered a knee injury, our physical therapist recommends wearing a knee brace or support during combat sport training. Medical-grade compression found in Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain medical line provides stability and oxygenating blood flow to the knee joint to reduce pain, inflammation and recovery times.

If you’ve never had a knee injury, you may still want to consider an athletic brace like the Sports Knee Support to help protect your knee against excessive strain.

Bauerfeind braces and supports provide the flexibility and support to allow you to play your favorite sports. For sports where the brace will have multiple high-impact encounters with the court or other hard surfaces, remember the brace is not a substitute for a knee pad. Failure to use a knee pad could result in excessive wear and tear that is not covered by product warranty.